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Cash Flow Analysis

What's Your Cash Flow Situation?

Managing debt and maintaining your lifestyle over the long term is challenging. Without a reasonable budgeting plan, it is difficult to effectively manage spending. This Cash Flow Analysis form can help you compare your income to your expenses to determine your net cash flow.

Monthly Income:

Monthly Expenses:

Monthly Expenses:

Monthly Expenses:

Monthly Expenses:

Getting your cash flow under control is the first step toward effective financial management. Are you comfortable with your current cash flow? If not, you may need to take immediate action to control your spending.

Your Results

Your total income is: $0
Your total expenses are: $0
Your cash flow is: $0

Your net cash flow is the amount of money left after paying all your bills. The chart below shows how much cash you have left at the end of each month after meeting your expenses, based on the amounts you entered. How much of your net cash flow are you currently investing for the future?

Your Monthly Cash Flow